Network overview

The Moroccan network serves as a platform for dialogue and exchange of experiences, with the goal of promoting principles of openness. These principles are reflected in transparency, accountability, the right to access information, citizen participation, and digitalization

Established on October 21, 2022, the network currently comprises 12 institutions, 7 regional councils, and 97 municipalities

The creation of this network is part of a program designed to support open local governments. This program is overseen by the General Directorate of Territorial Collectivities at the Ministry of Interior and is carried out in collaboration with the Association of Moroccan Regions and Impact for Development.

The main objectives of this program include instilling the values of openness to foster inclusive territorial development, as well as promoting participatory democracy and civic involvement. The program also aims to achieve three key outcomes:

  • Elevating citizens to the role of partners in identifying needs and finding solutions
  • Enhancing the quality of services and initiatives provided by local government
  • Cultivating a stronger sense of trust between citizens and local government.

Network charter 

The Moroccan Network of Open Local Governments (REMACTO) has established a charter that is embraced by its members. This charter outlines the network's principles, values, objectives, and the commitments expected from its members

REMACTO's values, as articulated in the charter, encompass the exchange of best practices and knowledge centered on the principles of openness. It also emphasizes the importance of dialogue among local governments members as they jointly tackle shared challenges related to open local development

The charter further defines five core commitments that network members are expected to uphold 

  • Adhering to prevailing norms concerning transparency, information accessibility, accountability, citizen engagement, digital transformation, and public innovation 
  • Executing open action programs by engaging local civil society and involving all pertinent stakeholders throughout the entire process 
  • Ensuring the effective implementation, ongoing monitoring, and evaluation of local communities' open action programs, with active involvement from local civil society and relevant stakeholders
  • Cultivating a territorial synergy aimed at strengthening collaboration and cooperation with other territorial entities 
  • Contributing to enhancing the visibility and reputation of Moroccan local communities at the national, continental, and international levels 

To access the complete text of the charter, please follow the provided link