The actions taken by the Moroccan Network of Open Local Governments (REMACTO), are founded on the core principles of collaboration and active involvement.


Communication sessions regarding the Support Program for Open Local Governments were conducted during the months of December and January 2023, targeting REMACTO members. Following these discussions, the respective local governments identified key priority areas that pose challenges in terms of opennes.

The co-creation process of open action plan for each local government have started on March 2023. Citizen participation at this co-creation stage is facilitated online through REMACTO's digital platform.

The insights and ideas gathered from these workshops and virtual consultations are meticulously examined and transformed into actionable openness projects. This transformation is carried out by oversight committees established within each local government that holds REMACTO membership.

These committees consist of both elected officials and representatives from the local civil society.

A second round of public consultation for the openness project proposals is scheduled from July to September 2023. This engagement will take place through a combination of in-person workshops and online interactions.

Upon review and approval by the monitoring committee, the openness project proposals will be solidified, with the aim of gaining adoption during the September and October 2023 sessions of the relevant local government councils.

The implementation phase for the openness programs in these local governments will commence in early 2024 and will span a two-year duration. Civil society will play an active role in executing these programs and overseeing their progress.

Looking ahead, a subsequent cycle of co-creation for openness programs is anticipated to begin in late 2025, with the overarching goal of institutionalizing the incorporation of openness principles across local governments.